Catania is one of the most lively cities of Sicily. There are many antique and historical buildings, beautiful churches, museums and markets. At many of the locations, you find free tourist guides, and you will only need to pay the admission fees. If you are staying for lunch, choose from a variety of local fish dishes or even horse meat dishes (which is very traditional in Catania) and then you can try Sicilian gelato and granita (lemon flavored sherbert like dessert).

In Syracuse, there are two very different areas, that are both important and beautiful: The first area worth visiting is the archaeological park where the Greek Theatre is located, the only structure built in Europe with natural stone originating from the actual site and not transported from a different area. Syracuse, a World Heritage Site, was the second Greek colony to have been founded in Sicily in the second half of the 8th century B.C. In its day, Siracusa rivaled Athens in size, importance and prestige before falling to the Romans in 212 AD. Described by Cicero as ‘the greatest Greek city and the most beautiful of all’, the city of Archimedes boasts one of the largest concentration of Greek ruins outside of Greece.

If you are in Sicily, in the Val di Noto area, a stop in Ragusa Ibla is a must. You will fall in love at first sight of this city. You will find a maze of glowing limestone streets of Baroque palaces and churches that cling to the hillside. Ibla has 14 Unesco World Heritage buildings in an area of less than one square kilometre. At the centre of the city is the beautiful, palm-adorned Piazza Duomo, dominated by the Cathedral of St George. Its curved, columned and luminous facade is one of the most attractive in the region. The tragic earthquake in 1693 destroyed the city which was rebuilt in Baroque style.

You will need to spend more than one day In Palermo in order to visit all the beautiful monuments the city has to offer and we recommend you do it with a guide in order to get the full experience. We also recommend you visit the city by foot as you will trully see how the local “Palermitano” lives. Do some shopping on Via Ruggero Settimo.

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